Meet Su…

Employee Highlight – October 2020

Meet Su Hagans, Production Supervisor at R&R Surface Protectors, Inc. This month we would like to recognize Su and express the remarkable work that she does for R&R Surface Protectors, Inc. Su was recently promoted to our Production Supervisor. She is well organized, productive and takes pride in maintaining daily operations smoothly and efficiently.  Su is also responsible for supervising staff members and work processes to ensure product quality. In addition, she ensures that every order is shipped on time to maximize our quality customer service.

Throughout the past three and a half years, Su has been a vital member of the R&R Team. Mrs. Hagans joined the company in 2017. She has been an excellent addition and has helped tremendously in the growth of the company.

“Su is hard working, reliable, and gets the job done!”

Lance, VP-Operations

In her spare time, Su enjoys singing karaoke and loves to cook.

We thank Su for her hard work and dedication and anticipate many great things to come from Su and her future with R&R Surface Protectors, Inc.

Congratulations from everyone at R&R!

Western Wildfires

We want to extend our thoughts and prayers to everyone impacted by the Fires in Colorado, Wyoming and all of the Western Wildfires. Thank you to every brave firefighter that is risking their life to fight this and keep our families safe.

The American Red Cross is responding to the fires across the Western US, providing people with clean water, safe shelter and hot meals when they need them most. To donate, go to

We hope everyone stays safe!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Susan G. Komen has been around since the 1980’s and is one the greatest foundations for all of those suffering with Breast Cancer. The continuous breakthrough research and want to provide quality care for all, truly sets them apart as a noteworthy cause to support.

We would like to thank the foundation for their positive impact, as well as everything they strive to achieve in the future.

To help make a difference, you can visit their website at and donate throughout the month of October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Happy Birthday Cindy!

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to the most humble and inspirational boss. May we have the opportunity to learn from you always!

-From the R&R Team,

Working with you each day is truly a gift for all of us. Thank you for your support and leadership!

“If you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life!”

-One of Cindy’s favorite quotes

Meet Michael…

Employee Highlight – August 2020

Meet Michael Amaloo, Vice President of Sales at R&R Surface Protectors, Inc. This month we would like to introduce him and share an insight into his role at R&R. We recognize Michael for his excellence in customer relations. He identifies new prospective customers, works with prospects to identify needs, and crafts product solutions. He is responsible for knowing the industry, building relationships with prospects and signing new customers to R&R.

Over the past several years, Michael has been an integral member to the R&R Team. Mr. Amaloo joined the company in 2015. Since then, he has contributed to a variety of R&R projects.  Michael has been actively working as R&R’s Vice President of Sales since 2019 and continues to contribute to the growth of the company.

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.  Insensibly one begins to twist fact to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”

-Sherlock Holmes / One of Michael’s favorite quotes!

Michael enjoys spending his spare time cooking, playing in neighborhood card games, international currency collecting and has a passion for cars.

We thank Michael for being an outstanding member of the company, and we look forward to seeing his continued success with R&R Surface Protector’s, Inc.

Congratulations from all of us at R&R!

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